Oil Service

Over time your engine oil gradually loses its ability to lubricate and protect internal engine components. Friction between moving parts inside your engine causes them to wear. Low, thin or old oil causes the mechanical components to wear much faster. The only way to prevent this is to replace it - usually every 12 months or less for higher mileage vehicles.

CastrolYour vehicle’s engine requires the correct grade of oil in order to lubricate and protect the internal parts. The grade of oil for your vehicle isdetermined by the vehicle manufacturer based on the size, type, general working conditions and operating temperature ranges of the engine. Some cars take special grades of oils, many of which we stock.

MahleIn addition to cooling and lubricating the metal surfaces of your car’s engine, oil carries away dirt and metal particles. These contaminantsare removed from the oil by the oil filter, but often the oil and filter can become clogged with debris. If engine wear is to be minimised and the engine’s optimum efficiency and life span maintained, both must be replaced.

We can replace both the oil and oil filters in any vehicle. Please contact us for details.

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